The commitment of The FORGE for Families to Houston’s Third Ward is to assist in repairing the breach and to serve as Watchmen or Sentries for these precious families. There are 6 commitment areas each of our programs fall under.

  1. Family Discipleship
  2. Youth Educational Training
  3. Economic Development
  4. Servant-Leadership Training
  5. Whole-Life Self Development Training
  6. Athletic Discipleship

Our goal is ambitious yet attainable. The expectation is to realize 35% decreases in high school drop-out rates, 75% increase in abstinence and faithfulness in marriage; quality of life improvements due to health & nutrition training, and sustainable economic development interventions, such as job skills training (100%) and job placement (85%), which will contribute to the material rebuilding of the inner-city community.

  • Family Discipleship

    Family Discipleship comprises parental training, adult Bible Studies focused on Hermeneutics; Practical Apologetics and family-to-family service opportunities. The objective is to have 175 families participate per week under the tutelage of 4 Family Coordinators.

  • Youth Educational Training

    Youth Educational Training addresses basic, yet fundamental needs for select youth. These include but are not limited to: literacy training, ESL, elocution training via dramas and debate, apprenticeships through corporate partnerships, Agoge camps that challenge participants physically and mentally while encouraging selfless-service. The Forge expects to have 500, 6 - 18 year old participants every week.

  • Economic Development

    Economic Development is multi-faceted in the approach as it requires: i.) the continuation of formalizing alliances with corporate partners, ii.) the offering of resources that increase exposure to opportunities for participants, iii.) and a business savvy staff to guide participants. Economic development training also introduces entrepreneurial concepts to 120 persons per week. Staffing would include coordinators and 15 volunteers.

  • Servant-Leadership

    Servant-Leadership is a component that is inherent in every intervention, however this target population is 18 years - 35 years of age. These will be trained under a varying curriculum over a period of 12 months. This curriculum includes Disaster and Emergency Response, First Aid/ CPR; and practical expectations where the 50 participants will proactively seek to serve local families in either life-saving or life-sustaining actions. Ten (10) participants will be afforded service opportunity in South Africa and Kenya. This is championed by the Discipleship Director, 2 coordinators and 20 volunteers.

  • Whole Life Self-Development

    Whole Life Self-Development is cross-generational focus for 350 individuals per week with age relevant expectations ranging from etiquette and manners (being honorable and showing respect), personal financial management, basic economics, GED training/ testing, and job search/ identification, preparation and interview skills.

  • Athletic Discipleship

    Athletic Discipleship is the “hook” for The Forge. Our offering will expand to volleyball, soccer, golf, weight training, triathlons, archery and martial arts. The horizons of 800 participants per week will be broadened and new skills fostered under the supervision of 5 coordinators and 50 volunteers.