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In the first chapter of 1 Corinthians, Paul thanks God that through his generous outpouring of grace, the letter's recipients were not lacking any spiritual gift (vv. 4-7). What we often miss when reading in English is that when Paul says "you are not lacking", the word "you" is plural. In other words, it wasn't as though each individual was lacking nothing; they were made whole when the collective body of Christ was functioning together in unity, which is a constant theme throughout 1 Corinthians. At Bridge-Builders, we believe that every individual member and segment of the body of Christ has something to offer the rest of the body. That also means that every member has something to learn from other parts of the body. As we work with students and church leaders, we enter into a process of mutual growth as every party involved is conformed more thoroughly to the image of Christ (Eph. 4:13).


As Christ followers, we have been called to carry on the mission of Jesus. The question that we should be wrestling with is how to engage well in this great commission in a way that fosters long-term impact, even in the context of a short-term trip. The BridgeBuilders program was created to train disciples of Jesus to do this well, especially when crossing cultures. The experience is designed to combine the service component of a typical mission trip with training that will equip participants to have a greater impact in whatever context that God calls them to. Bridge-Builders provides a reciprocal program where participants and locals are mutually enriched. We place a heavy emphasis on listening to and learning from the community as we serve alongside our neighbors. We like to say that it's more than a mission trip; it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, while joining in the work that God is already doing in our community.

Lasting Impact

Service opportunities are always solidified around a month prior to a group's arrival. Every project is carefully selected to meet the needs of the community that are present at the time of a group's stay. Daily service projects include serving in local churches and para-church ministries, working with youth outreach programs, various revitalization/demolition projects, community beautification, serving in local schools, tutoring, etc. Our groups can leave knowing that their service made a lasting impact in this community, and we are confident that their time here will be just as influential for them as they return home.

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Bridge-Builders trips have a unique emphasis on both experiential and formal learning. Participants are given the opportunity to listen and learn from the community as they join in on the work that God is already doing in this community. 



“In John 17 Jesus prays that his future disciples would be one, even as He is one with the Father, so that through their unity the world would believe the message of Christ. In other words, the effectiveness of our evangelism henges on the ability of God’s people to be reconciled with one another - to reflect the Gospel proclamation of Ephesians 2:17, which declares that the cross has already torn down the wall of hostility, turning the two groups into one and destroying the enmity. The Bridge-Builders training is a starting point for those seeking to learn practically what it means to be a reconciler - to be One Blood - as they journey through issues of race, poverty and culture in light of the good news of God’s Kingdom.” 

- Dr. John M. Perkins (Founder of the Christian Community Development Association)


"Bridge-Builders builds your awareness of how different communities are impacted by the culture around them."

- College Student, TX


There was so much meat packed into a short period of time. The weekend was truly a blessing, but also one that can be taken back and applied to our community. 

- Salvation Army Board Member, TX

"It completely changed the way that I see the poor."

- College Student, TX

I think that this should be a requirement for everyone in ministry. It’s extremely important to equip yourself, and in this short week I’ve learned things that I know will carry me for the rest of my life. I definitely think that everyone should take this opportunity. 

- Youth Worker, Fayetteville, AR

"Bridge-Builders is a crash course on how to view poverty and the poor through the eyes of God"

- Gap Year Leadership Student, TX

The program is designed so that no matter what background you come from, you get a good idea of what it means to be a Christian leader. I think that this is a perfect tool to challenge your students whether they grew up in the church or are just learning about their faith for the first time. 

- Urban Minister, Fayetteville, AR

It beat my expectations for sure. I feel like I walked away with a greater understanding of missions. I feel like I walked away with a greater understanding of how to reach my friends, my city, and my culture for Christ.

Youth Pastor, OH

"It's an eye opening experience. You start to understand effective methods to impact issues like poverty and race through a Christian lens."

- College Student, TX


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